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Indonesia Sea port, South of Asia



- 3 units s 400kw diesel generator sets 50hz 400v/230v stamford alternator, DSE7320, IP44, PMG.

- Used for sea port hanging motor, adopt for transient variable loading. Special exhausting system and silencer for anti-noise and stainless steel canopy for anti-corrosion. Unique double-wall fuel tank to ensure no fuel leakage and additional fixed projection on the position of hanging.

▲Installation diesel gensets on block.
▲Installation and supporting exhausting manifold after fabrication at site.
▲Installation daily consumption fuel tank with its supporting.
▲Connection of the water pipe line from water tank to radiators.
▲Fabrication and installation of air duct from radiator to windows on the power station building wall.
▲Finishing and clearing the fabricating and installing material and equipment and painting with standard paints.
▲Inspection and testing the diesel gensets at site.
▲Clearing the site works.