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Project Site: Philippine,South of Asia



- 2 units synchronized 400kw diesel generator sets 60hz 3.3kv stamford alternator, ComAp IG-NT/IM-NT, ABB/4P.

- Synco-gensets & parallel with mains power outpower for Farm. Emergency standby ATS system when mains power failed.

▲Installation and Commissioning
▲Instrumentation and calibration
▲Preventive Maintenance Program
▲System Start-Up & Stand By
▲Field Service and Support
▲Maintenance and Production Training
▲Preventive Maintenance Programs
▲Load Bank Testing
▲Comprehensive Test Equipment
▲Test & Measurement Equipment
▲Signal Generators
▲NIM / CAMAC Devices
▲Low- & High-Voltage Power Supplies
▲LV and MV Paralleling Switchgear
▲LV and MV Generator Control Systems
▲Automatic Transfer Switches and Generator Control Systems
▲Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Systems
▲Motor Control Centre (MCC)
▲Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
▲Battery Charger Systems
▲Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems
▲ Electrical Switchboard
▲Control Panels to customers specifications