Incorporated in 2017, Alanta Power UK has started in manufactured diesel generator units out from the United Kingdom for clients that demand unique requirements. Notwithstanding the fact that Alanta Power has gained reputation through its reliable product quality but also the product design and innovation ideas which by all means can satisfy the stringent demand from all industry, Our continuously effort in providing a variety and range of power generating products that include residential soundproof gensets to high voltage grid connection units for industrial application can always stay in line with the ever changing need . Our range of ratings, from 5kva to 4500kva, can also give us the ability in meeting the different criteria of different countries.

Incorporated in 2017, Alanta Power UK has undergone different stages of changes with aim in developing ourselves to be one of the leading manufacturer in power generation. The phases of changes emphasis our determination and wish to accomplish our goal in achieving to manufacture quality and reliable products for the power industry. With the continuous development and innovative implementation, we are able to better ourselves by employing professional technician and introducing a complete production and office system to meet the end. In addition, we are issued with OEM certificate by various known UK engine and alternator manufacturer in recognizing our effort in promoting the business which no doubt enhance our ability and capacity in moving forward.